The Roadmap for Exploring the Leh-Srinagar Highway

The Roadmap for Exploring the Leh-Srinagar Highway

The Leh-Srinagar Highway is perfect for a solo trip. In the highway, one can opt for the mountain biking adventure and get to learn about the nearby locations that surround the highway. The Leh-Srinagar Highway is the favourite of tourists and hence is also an excellent place for a solo trip. Perfect for bikers and enthusiasts, the Leh-Srinagar trip is the most preferred one out of the rest and is an absolute favourite of the explorers. The Leh-Srinagar Highway is one of the most prominent routes that is renowned all across the country for its incredible beauty.

Leh is the current favourite destination for the bikers and all those who enjoy travelling solo and that is because they get to experience fun in the most amazing way or like never before. Following the National Highway 1D, explorers can get started on the journey that will lead them from Srinagar Highway to Leh. With time, Leh has become extremely popular amidst the travellers as the route to Leh is mesmerising.

The must-visit places to visit in Leh are the following: Nubra Valley, Thiksay monastery, Leh Palace, Shanti Stupa, Magnetic Hill, Spituk Monastery, Namgyal Tsemo, Phyang Monastery, Sankar Monastery, Hall of Fame, Leh Market, Explore Ladakh, Zorawar Fort, Central Asian Museum, Textile Museum of Ladakh, Women’s Alliance of Ladakh, Hayan Himalayas.

So these are the places where every individual can travel alone as well as explore and learn about its diversities. Learning about new places and their culture is always a fun experience and people must keep knowing about these. And what’s better than travelling/exploring for making it a fun experience. Therefore, keep travelling around and across the globe as well as discovering what’s new in the Leh-Srinagar Highway.


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