About Us

About Us

The Framework of CHIS

Country Holiday Inn & Suites, an extraordinary dream that’s been transformed into reality, an efficiently functioning organization, with its paramount goal being: outstanding facilities for people who don’t get the right amount of time to plan their vacations with the details. Individuals can connect with the organization through the holiday memberships it provides. Holiday membership is a mesmerizing solution for every modern-day vacation planning problem. The organization has been functioning for the past many years in this field and has provided thousands of people with luxurious and elegant services.

Get an Insight into the Organization’s Functioning

Since the initialization of the CHIS, the organization has rapidly evolved to become a global sensation because of the excellent list of facilities and features it provides to the people who connect with the organization. Country Holidays Inn & Suites is well-established worldwide in around 130 plus countries and comprises of more than 6500 plush resorts, brilliantly designed and modernized according to the customers’ requirement. CHIS offers the best deals on holiday membership which are completely customer-friendly and have been designed according to their requirements. Enlisted under the finest holiday membership companies, CHIS promises genuine memberships.

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Interested in Travelling? Adventures? Exploration? CHIS is the answer to all your travel-oriented dreams & goals. With no hidden charges in the holiday memberships they provide, CHIS has amazed numerous people with the brilliance in their service. Individuals can explore more about the organization at the official website, whereas here, they can enlighten themselves by reading the blogs about diverse spectrum of travel and how to pursue them. Because reading & writing can never go out of style. Go ahead, get hooked on to reading with the blogs provided here.