“Chhath Pooja”, The Mahaparv Of Bihar

“Chhath Pooja”, The Mahaparv Of Bihar

There are countless festivals in India. Every state has its own signature festival. Like Punjab has Lohri, Odisha has Pongal, and Bengal has Durga Pooja. Same with Bihar, Bihar has Chhath Pooja. As we very well know about the people of Bihar that they are in every state of India for job purposes. Many lives abroad as well for the same. But when it comes to Chhath Pooja, every Bihari’s 1st wish is to come to his hometown and celebrate The Chhath Pooja with love and joy with their family. Chhath Pooja is such a festival for Bihar where every family coordinates together to fulfill the requirements of Pooja. Chhath Pooja is celebrated for the health and wellness of the family. In Chhath Pooja, devotees take blessings from Lord Sun. Country Holidays Inn & Suites is offering great offers this festive season for vacations. Visit CHIS Reviews for more.

Let’s have a look at the processes and the step-wise preparation of Chhath Pooja.

Starting with the dates, Tha Chhath Pooja comes after the 6th day of Diwali. Beginning with Day 1, Nahay-Khay is the first-day preparation where the devotee washes the wheat for Prasad. Wheat is the main ingredient during Prasad preparation where wheat flour is used in the making of Prasad. In Chhath Pooja, every step has been taken with purity.

Day 2 (Kharna)

Kharna is known as the 2nd day where the devotee keeps fast for the whole day and the Prasad has been prepared with pure hand-crafted wheat flour using soil stoves and wood. After the Prasad preparation, the devotees pray to God for the wellness and health of their family members. This worship has been done in the evening after sunset. After the worship, the devotee eats Prasad only as whole food.

Day 3 (Sandhya Arghya)

After the Kharna Evening, the Vrati (devotee) keeps fasting without water and starts the process of Sandhya Arghya. The process includes Prasad’s preparation and arranging all the requirements for the evening Pooja. The main Prasad of Chhath is named “Thekua”. All the food has been prepared with pure edible oil or ghee. After the whole day, the time comes for which every Bihari has been waiting for the whole year. The Vrati gets ready and enters the pond to pray to God Sun. On the same night, another worship takes place, where all the family members sit together and worship the soil-made elephants and present then the new crops from the field.

Day 4 (Pratah Arghya)

On the 4th Day, Vrati (devotee) enters the pond again before sunrise and prays again with the same ritual process. They keep standing in the water till sunrise. After sunrise, they present the Prasad to Sun and end the Pooja. After that, the Vrati breaks the fast after 36 hours with jaggery and ginger as their first food after fasting. After that, they distribute the Prasad to each other. The Prasad contains fruits, sweets, and self-made food items as well.

The Bihari Community is the community that worships the setting Sun. They present a true signature of devotion. It has been said that the blessings that we get from Chhath Pooja are very pure. It’s also said that whatever devotees urge from God, they get it as a blessing.

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