Adventure Time: Top 8 Best Trekking Points to Trek

Adventure Time: Top 8 Best Trekking Points to Trek

Going on trekking is also a great option for travel enthusiasts. If you are an adventure lover then you should enjoy these treks. In fact, if you want a little break from the hectic world, then the lap of Mother Nature is the best option for this. There are many such treks across the country which are the first choice of trekkers. Trekking to these places can be a lifetime experience for you. Trust me you will never forget these moments. Come, let’s go to some special trekking spots –

1- Har Ki Dun Trek, Uttarkashi


Har Ki Dun Trek is a winter adventure wonderland, this trekking point delights trekkers, you can say that Har Ki Dun Trek is a stairway to heaven that will charm you for its beauty.

Located on the western edge of Garhwal in Uttarkashi district, Har Ki Doon Valley is very popular for trekkers as well as mountaineers.

Har Ki Doon trek also faces rain as a challenge. This trek is of 6 hours long trekking. This trek requires rain trekking like a poncho, waterproof cover, anti-diarrhoea drugs and water-resistant trekking boots. Whatever be the circumstances, this trek surely gives you the experience of travelling to a wonderland.

2- RajMachi Trek, Maharashtra

Rajmachi trekking

Rajmachi is one of the famous treks of the Sahyadri Mountains. This is one of the favourite destinations especially for those just starting out on trekking. Rajmachi Fort, situated at an altitude of 2750 feet, overlooks the Bhorghat Pass, a major old trade route during the Maratha Empire. The trek to Rajmachi is very easy. The height is not very high and the trail is well marked and one can go without a guide. Trekking is most adventurous and challenging during monsoon.

There are 2 routes to reach Rajmachi, first from Tungarli near Lonavala and second from Kondivde village, Karjat road. It takes about 6 hours to reach Rajmachi from Tungarli and about 5 hours from Karjat road to Rajmachi. Rajmachi is an ideal place for trekking. Forts, waterfalls, temples, and ancient ruins Buddhist caves inspire trekkers to take up trekking in the dense forests.

3- Kumara Parvatha Trek, Bangalore

Tiger Hills Trek, Darjeeling

Kumara Parvatha Trek is a highly recommended trekking adventure activity in the Western Ghats. This trek is easy to moderate difficulty level and can be done by anyone with standard fitness.

Kumara Parvatha Trek also known as Pushpagiri Trek stretches for a total of 25-28 km from the base and is usually completed in two days. The maximum altitude during the trek will be around 1700 meters above sea level. The scintillating views from above, the towering cliffs and the cool breeze/mist will make all the effort worthwhile. October-January is the best time to come here.

4- Araku Valley Trek, Andhra Pradesh

 Araku Valley Trek Andhra Pradesh

One of the best and best experiential treks in India is the Araku Valley Trek. The Bora Caves and Katiki Falls of Andhra Pradesh are the important highlights of this trek. Through these places, the trekker will be able to reach the highest peak of Andhra Pradesh. Here you may also feel that you are in the lap of nature. It may take a day to cover this trek at 910m altitudes. The best time to visit here is from October to February.

5- Tiger Hills Trek, Darjeeling

Tiger Hills Trek, Darjeeling

Chatakpur Tiger Hills Trek takes you on an enchanting jungle trail from the lonely village trails of Chatakpur takes you through the enchanting glades of Senchal Wildlife Sanctuary, all the way to Tiger Hill. An overnight camp at Chatakpur makes this an unbeatable weekend trek around Darjeeling. To add to that, the views from the watchtower near Chatakpur, of the Kanchenjunga and Everest peaks, are out of this world!

As you reach the penultimate heights of Tiger Hill, the grand view of the peaks, with Darjeeling town nestled below is breathtaking. The downhill trek to Darjeeling takes you through a pretty Senchal Lake and a few charming Buddhist monasteries.

6- Kodachadri Trek, Shimoga

Kodachadri Trek, Shimoga

The Kodachadri Trek 13 KMs hike gives the required adrenaline rush and gives the ultimate view of Sharavathi backwaters, lush green meadows, jeep trail and dense forest. If lucky enough you can witness the magical view of the Arabian Sea horizon from Kodachadri peak.

On its way, you will find Hidli Mane Falls which will take you very close to nature and you will also be able to feel your relationship with nature. It may take 2 days to do this trek. The best time to visit the Kodachadri trek is in October-January.

7- Chembra Peak Trek, Kerala

 Araku Valley Trek Andhra Pradesh

This trek of Kerala is also the highest peak in the state. The speciality here is Heart Shape Lake which looks very beautiful and surprising. The peak is visible from the different parts of Wayanad.

It is located 8 km south of Kalpetta and near the town of Meppadi. Trekking to Chembra peak can be started from Meppadi town itself.

There is a forest office on the way to the starting point where you need to take permission. The Chembra Peak VSS under the control of the South Wayanad Forest Department Agency provides permission as well as a guide.

The trekking to the highest point of Chembra peak is not allowed now due to the wildlife conflict on the trail. However, trekking to the heart-shaped lake, which is 1.5 km below the Chembra peak is one of the top attractions. The best months to visit here would be September-February.

8- Clouds End Trek, Mussoorie

Clouds End Trek, Mussoorie

Uttarakhand is known for many trekking options. The best of these treks is Clouds and Trek. This trek is in the queen of mountains, Mussoorie. It is the most beautiful trekking place in the country. You will also get a chance to do a horse safari on this trek. Along with this, you will also get a chance to be a part of many adventure activities. This trek with a height of 2240 meters can be completed in just 2 hours. The best time to visit here is from April to October.

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