Best Places to visit in Himachal Pradesh

Best Places to visit in Himachal Pradesh

Its main attraction is Renuka Lake which is in the midst of beautiful green and
snow-capped mountains. The waters of the lake are so clear like crystal that it seems
God prevails there. This lake is the largest lake in Himachal. It is situated in the Sirmaur
district of Himachal. It’s well connected by roadways. This place is 672 m above sea
level. A perfect blend of natural beauty and manmade marvels, Renukaji is worth visiting. In November a fair is organized for five days with the arrival of Parasuram, the
son of Renuka, where lakhs of pilgrims visit from all over the country. But apart from
that, this place remains an offbeat place of Himachal. If you want to spend a few days in
peace and solitude then Renukaji is ideal for you.

Gada Guashaini

This is a place full of greeneries and small flowing rivers. This is a place where you can spend
hours alone just listening to the chirping of birds and the whirling of the waters. It will soothe
your mind. You will feel that you don’t need anyone. Nature is with you. It is welcoming
you with both hands. Gada Guashaini is a small village in Banjar Tehsil of Himachal. It is a
part of the Mandi district.

Tirthan Valley

The peace that prevails here will make you be there every year. Surrounded by Great
Himalayan National Park this beautiful valley is just beside the Tirthan River. Best time to visit
Tirthan Valley is in Spring and summer. If you want to get lost in the lap of nature, then
Tirthan Valley will not make you dissatisfied.


Barot is another of the tack tourist place slowly gaining importance. It has some wonderful
terraced fields, thick cedar forests, and a range of outdoor activities that will engage tourists
for the whole day. Situated in 1835m, Barot is a beautiful village just on the side of the Uhl river. It is
also the gateway to Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary.


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