Shillong: Nature Lovers Must Visit Here

Shillong: Nature Lovers Must Visit Here

The city of Shillong is named after a powerful deity, U-Shyllong. Shillong is also known as the city of lakes. This hill station is also known as the abode of clouds. We called Shillong, the Scotland of the East.

In the city of Shillong, tourists can open their hearts to see the natural beauty of the Shillong. The beauty of Shillong such as Lush green mountains, beautiful valleys, flowing rivers, waterfalls, caves, beautiful villages, Roots Bridge, and the Khasi tribe of Shillong, community culture, ancient buildings attract tourism.

shillong peak

Shillong Peak

This tourist Place is also known as Shillong Point View and Laitkor Peak. Shillong Point View is a large hill located a short distance from the city of Shillong. This tourist place of Shillong is surrounded by fog, and from here one can see the view of the entire city of Shillong.

With the beautiful view here and with the help of a pickup waterfall and binoculars, so that tourists can enjoy watching birds and a wonderful view of the city of Shillong.

On reaching the top of the peak, the pleasant weather, beautiful views, and cool breeze, and calm atmosphere attract tourism further. This area comes under the supervision of the Indian base camp, so tourism cannot get here without ID proof.

umiam lake shillong

Umiam Lake

Umiam Lake is a very beautiful and man-made lake full of natural beauty. It is spread over an area of ​​about 120 sq km with a lake. This lake has been constructed by making a dam under the power project. Which offers amazing views.

Tourists can do many water sports activities in this lake such as Kayaking, Water Cycling, Shooting, Voting, Speed ​​Voting, Pedal Boating, Photography etc. can be done.

Elephant Waterfall shillong

Elephant Waterfalls

Elephant Waterfalls is a series of beautiful natural 3 freshwater springs that are located at a distance of about 12 km from the city of Shillong. Tourists can also do videography photography in the background of natural beauty. Tourists cannot swim here.

Dawki River

Dawki River

Popularly known as the Dawki River, the Umngot River in Meghalaya is undisputedly the cleanest river in Asia because of its crystal clear water.

The river is in the village of Mawlynnong in Meghalaya, close to India’s border with Bangladesh, which is touted as “Asia’s Cleanest Village”.The Umngot River acts as a natural divide between Jaintia and Khasi hills. The boats appear to float over the water as a mirror image. The water of Dawki River is impossibly clear. You can also see the river bed with colourful pebbles and stones.

Mawlynnong village

Mawlynnong village

The cleanest village in Asia is located at a distance of about 78 km from the city of Shillong. In the year 2003, Mawlynnong village of Meghalaya state has got the title of the cleanest village in Asia, also this village is known as God’s Own Garden.

There are about 95 beautiful houses in Mawlynnong village. Beautiful gardens and bamboo dustbins will be seen at every intersection in the courtyard of all the houses. The people of the Khasi tribe here are very good for practice and tourism welcome.

All the people of Mawlynnong village are self-sufficient in the main agriculture. The maximum cultivation of betel nut is done in this village, yet the literacy rate of this village is 100%.  In 2021, Mawlynnong village is the  Cleanest Village in Asia.

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