Share Postcards With Your Families/Friends, Keep the Travel Memories Alive!

Share Postcards With Your Families/Friends, Keep the Travel Memories Alive!

Postcards are a classic way of sending/sharing the travel memories amongst each other, be it with family or friends. It is a reminder of love, care, affection and a million memories that one lives in a single day of their vacation. The history of postcards dates back to the 1870’s in France. Soon, after its invention, the postcards became popular amidst the locals around the world. People started using postcards for communicating and expressing their love & care for each other. During these years, millions of people used the postcards for sharing the news with each other. Be it any kind of news and anywhere around the globe, postcards could be shared between the people easily.

The types of postcards are divided into numerous segments and it depends upon the people to decide which type they want to utilize and what is their function as well. The different types of postcards are: 3D postcard, Appliqué, Art Déco, Art Nouveau, Artist Signed, Bas Relief, Big Letter, Composites, Court Cards, Divided Back, Django Fontina, Early, Embossed, Folded, Hand-tinted, Hold-to-Light, Intermediate Size, Kaleidoscope, Large Letter, Maximum Cards, Midget Postcards, Novelty, Oilette, Postcardese, QSL Cards, Real Photographic, Reward Cards, Special Property Cards, Standard Size, Topographical, Undivided Back, Vignette and Write-Away etc.

Not only that, the types of postcards can also be distinguished/depend upon the following:

  • whether or not the image on the card printing postage:
  • marked
  • unmarked
  • whether or not the card illustrations:
  • illustrated
  • non-illustrated
  • location of illustrations:
  • Vector card (front side)
  • Reverse Side
  • the walking area cards subdivided into:
  • Within the Russian Federation (internal post)
  • Outside the Russian Federation (international post)

Unique & effective way of expressing/sharing feelings with the people you love and care about, the love for postcards is timeless. People can share them from anywhere & everywhere worldwide and thus keep their travel memories alive forever in their souls. And checking out these postcards will take you back to the time when you were actually living in that moment. Postcards will definitely refresh all your travel memories and keep you cheerful forever.


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