Places To Explore In Amritsar

Places To Explore In Amritsar

Amritsar is known as a golden city of Punjab. It is famous for
different tourists places . People visit here from different different
regions, countries to take a look of this heritage city. Here is the list
of the some of the most famous destinations.


This is the most famous as well as heritage place in Amritsar. This is
the devotional place where people from different regions come to take
blessings. As of now it has been upgraded into a proper heritage that
contains different hotels and other restaurants.


It is a heritage place which depicts the attack by General Dyer in 1999,
where many of the people innocent people died. This place has all the
information about the attack and about all the fighters that lost their
lives during this attack.


This is a tourist place having a lot of valuable as well as enjoyable
things. This includes having different rides, museum, and you can
also enjoy the performances that are prepared in our Punjabi culture.


This is a full feel of our Punjabi culture. In this you will get to know
about our Punjabi culture deeply. It has all the things be it: horse
riding, puppet show, Punjabi cultural show, games etc. You can enjoy
here with full family and have a deep knowledge about our Punjabi

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